Giants and Grasshoppers - Rev. Blane Young, DC Chi Alpha (6/9/19)


Campus pastor and director of DC Chi Alpha Rev. Blane Young shares on the inherent greatness and strength found in choosing the truth of God's character over the status of our circumstances.

Eternity: Finding Our Purpose - Pastor Dave Owens (2/3/19)


Pastor Dave continues to explore the impacts of a heavenly-minded, eternity-focused perspective by focusing on our purpose and mission in light of eternity. Eternity is a beautiful destination, but we don't want to go there alone.

An Eternal Perspective - Pastor Dave Owens (1/27/19)


In the first message of his series on Eternity, Pastor Dave explores what it looks like to live here on earth with an eternal mindset.

Thinking Toward the Future - Pastor Dave (1/6/19)


Pastor Dave starts out 2019 with a message on the future, sharing how God's presence and eternity change everything.

Healing the Wounds of Rejection - Jess Lawson (7/15/18)


In Week 3 of our "God Encounter Summer" Series, Embassy Church Ministry Coordinator + Office Manager Jess Lawson unpacks the wounds of rejection: where they come from, why they stick around, how they affect us, and the power of God's love to re-write our stories.

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